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Prehab, short for "prehabilitation," is a proactive approach to preventing injuries and improving physical performance. It involves various exercises, stretches, and other strategies aimed at building strength, improving flexibility, and reducing the risk of future injuries. Prehabilitation is typically done prior to a surgery or a major athletic event to strengthen the body and make it more prepared to handle the physical demands of the event or recovery process. Additionally, prehab can be done by anyone looking to improve their physical fitness and reduce the likelihood of injury during daily activities.

Post Physical Therapy Maintenance Programs:

Uniquely prepared programs designed to supervise/guide clients with their home exercise programs, work on strength & conditioning, and other physical wellness needs when they no longer require skilled physical therapy services. 

Athletic Massage & Stretch:

Athletic massage is a type of massage therapy designed specifically for athletes and individuals who engage in intense physical activity. This type of massage can help improve athletic performance, prevent injury, and speed up recovery from strenuous workouts or competitions. Athletic massage techniques may include deep tissue massage, stretching, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release. The focus of athletic massage is to target specific muscle groups and areas of the body that are used heavily during physical activity, with the goal of reducing tension, increasing flexibility, and promoting overall relaxation and well-being.

TPI Body Screening  :

 The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) body screening is a comprehensive assessment used primarily in golf to evaluate an individual’s physical abilities and limitations. Conducted by certified TPI professionals, it involves a series of tests analyzing flexibility, strength, balance, and mobility to identify any physical restrictions that could impact a golfer’s swing mechanics or overall performance. The results help tailor specific exercises, stretches, or training programs to improve the golfer’s body function and optimize their game.

Home/Workplace Ergonomic Assessment:

A workplace ergonomic assessment is a process of evaluating an employee's working conditions and identifying potential ergonomic hazards that may lead to discomfort or injury. It typically involves examining the employee's workspace, posture, equipment, and tasks to determine whether any adjustments or improvements are needed to promote ergonomic safety and comfort. This process can help employers identify areas for improvement and implement solutions to reduce physical strain and prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

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